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New Gotham General Hospital
The Wayne Foundation was proud to raise funds for a Trauma Wing and helipad for the old Gotham General Hospital, so rebuilding this important health facility was our top priority. 

$630,000 at Second Annual Gala for the Park Row Revitalization Project and Park Row Clinic
The Wayne Foundation has always been committed to reducing crime in Gotham by addressing the poverty and desperation that breeds it.  Outreach programs to improve quality of life in all Gotham neighborhoods benefit all our citizens, including corporate ones.  The Foundation has therefore brokered partnerships with corporate leaders such as Wayne Enterprises, Gotham National Bank and Gotham City News to ease the burden on the city and fund these programs privately whenever possible.

2nd Annual Pet Adoption Day
The Jackson Street Animal Sanctuary held its second pet adoption day on March 29, placing 71 dogs and cats in loving homes.