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The Waynes were prominent citizens in Gotham and the North Shore of Bristol. Martha Van Geissen Wayne was honored as "Woman of the Year" in 1973, and was celebrated for her numerous charitable deeds. She not only gave to countless individuals, but her good will extended to organizations such as the Humane Society of Gotham, the Freeman-Baxter Infirmary (now Gotham General Hospital) and the American Red Cross. Thomas Wayne was a respected physician and business man, whose stewardship of a private family investment firm led a renaissance of Gotham expansion and laid the foundations for Wayne Enterprises to blossom into one of the great multi-national corporations.

The Wayne legacy continues as the Thomas and Martha Wayne Foundation benefits others by providing grants to arts and cultural programs, education, health associations, historical preservation, and children and youth services in the metro Gotham area and humanitarian initiatives throughout the world. Forms of support include capital campaigns, program development, seed money and matching funds. The Foundation does not approve requests for operating or grants to individuals.